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Sun Mirror

Sun Mirror

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Coastal flair meets Art Deco in this statement-making wall mirror. The Sun mirror features handmade bamboo slats laid out in a typical sunburst Art Deco leitmotif. A favorite from our collection, this beauty fits well into most décor styles.

Dimension : 33”(L) X 33”(B) / Mirror: D-18''

Delivery: 5-6 weeks

Care Instructions: 1. Treat bamboo like you would wood. Do not leave in rain or harsh sunlight: Cover balconies and outdoor sit-outs are fine. 2. Cracking of bamboo is completely normal as it is a natural material, however, it won't impact the structural integrity. 3. We are happy to freshen up your piece in terms of refinishing and reweaving for as long as you have it on request.

Customization: Worried whether the polish color and upholstery will match the aesthetics of your space? Relax, just share your thoughts with us via to get it customized. 


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