Explore our Sustainable, Slow-designed, Contemporary, and Ethically-crafted Furniture

Since 2009, our team of highly skilled artisans and designers have been working with sustainable, non-mainstream materials. Discover our timeless, artisanal pieces that are handcrafted mindfully for you!

We can transform your design-dreams into bespoke furniture pieces

Like something we have but want to customise it? Get in touch with us and we will tailor-make a piece that fits your space. Happy to create a one-off customised furniture piece for you.

We Work at the Intersection of Craft, Design, and Sustainability

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    Craft is a biggie for us because we believe it is inherently characterized by reference points that have the potential to counter unsustainability—including slowness, makers, mindfulness, skilfulness, intuitiveness, renewable-materials and self-reliance. We aim to keep craft relevant, dynamic, and sustained by reinterpreting it, and by embracing both traditional and non-traditional makers and their skill-sets.


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    Design is at the centre of what we do, because it holds the promise of imagining and realizing a better reality. We believe that a collaborative design process—which leverages inputs from everyone who makes up the compound picture—is the way to go about realizing the possibility of a better future.  This is why our collaborators span different disciplines, and are not restricted to ‘trained’ designers.

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    The adjective ‘holistic’ is implicit in our understanding of sustainability at Rhizome. We go beyond ‘eco-design’ to also look at all the messy and interlinked pieces of the sustainability jig-saw—including economic, social, cultural and ecological factors. We aim to go beyond an anthropogenic idea of sustainability, to one that looks at the possibility that humans and other life will flourish on the earth forever.

Is your space missing soul?

Shop better with our sustainable and contemporary Indian accent pieces, which have both character and conscience. Come and explore what sustainable Indian design is in a homogenising world

Are you a fashion label looking for sustainable solutions?

Walk the talk with our handcrafted, eco-friendly bamboo mannequins and hangers. Being good never looked this good before. As always, happy to customise our products to fit your needs

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Our artisanal, guilt-free, eco-friendly products that let you embrace sustainability with style