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Circle Stool - Silk Rope

Circle Stool - Silk Rope

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This collection is our take on 3D textile art. We've woven each piece in this collection differently using rope made from Silk.  This very comfortable stool works well with the Circle chair and with the other pieces in this collection.

Dimension : 26”(L) X15” (D) X 19.5”(H)

Delivery: 5-6 weeks

Care Instructions: 1. Treat bamboo like you would wood. Do not leave in rain or harsh sunlight: over balconies and outdoor sit-outs are fine. 2. Cracking of bamboo is completely normal as it is a natural material, however, it won't impact the structural integrity. 3. The color of the rope may vary since we use upcycled textile ropes 4. We can customize the structure and weave color on request. 5. We are happy to freshen up your piece in terms of refinishing and reweaving for as long as you have it on request.

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