Jute Bag Hardware

This project for the Jute Manufacturers Development Council, involved designing a range of innovative hardware and accessories for jute bags. We shortlisted bamboo, shell, and metal as materials for 3 collections of hardware, because these materials are easily available near jute bag producing clusters, and because they also highlight the eco-friendly nature of jute.

Initial Research and Ideation

The brief for the project was to create hardware to value-add the jute bags produced by the enterprises under the aegis of the Jute Manufacturers Development Council. Rhizome proposed complementing jute's eco-friendly and sustainable image through the design of easily manufacturable and sustainable hardware. Our market studies revealed that value-added jute bags were primarily exported and had an eco-friendly market niche, therefore, our strategy included using shell, copper and brass, and bamboo to leverage and enhance this marketable value. Rhizome oversaw and coordinated the fabrication of the final hardware prototypes and their seamless incorporation into the jute bags we also designed to demonstrate the applicability of the hardware. The end result was a collection of jute bags with innovative hardware that showcased jute's beauty while affirming its green credentials.

Skill and Capacity Building Workshops

As part of its charter of duties, Rhizome conducted skill and capacity-building workshops to disseminate the designs it had created. For this, we created a meticulous ‘Do-it-yourself' manual, serving as a crucial transfer mechanism for disseminating the technologies and products developed to the beneficiaries associated with the National Jute Board. This endeavour ensured that the knowledge and innovation were shared widely, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within MSMEs.

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