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Humble pen - Design of bamboo pen and its branding

The project began with the design of a handcrafted bamboo pen.  It then extended to encompass the branding of Humble Pen, including its logo, stationery and packaging.

The pen was designed from bamboo using technologies that allowed for maximization of livelihoods for bamboo producers.  Each component of the pen was hand-crafted by bamboo working communities.

The stationery and packaging design included concept, copy-writing, editing and graphic design.Part of the concept design was a to-do list of what the user could do with the pen which was printed on the packaging.  We created this list to try and reignite the love for writing and for a slower way of life where every bit of writing can be savoured. 


-          Write a bucket list

-          Write an apology letter to someone you have been meaning to say sorry to

-          Write a thank you note to your favorite teacher

-          Write a diary

-          Do something bizarre just to write about it

-          Review your New Year Resolutions and write down an un-resolution list

-          Draw the treasure map to your heart. Share it with someone you love.

-          Write a letter to your 10 year older self

-          Write a letter to Santa

-          Write a note to your neighbor. You decide what goes in it-good, bad, ugly.

-          Write a poem. Share it with someone.

-          Write the children’s story that you would have liked to read as a child with accompanying hand-drawn illustrations

-          Write a letter and post it to an unknown address. See if someone writes back.

-          Write a note to your 9 year old self. Share it with a child.