Humble Pen: Design and Branding of a Bamboo Pen

The project brief was to design a handcrafted bamboo pen, and the branding for Humble Pen, including logo, stationery, and packaging. Rhizome designed these pens from bamboo using technologies that allowed for the maximization of livelihoods for bamboo producers.

The design of a Bamboo pen

Rhizome was commissioned to create a handcrafted bamboo pen, leading to an expanded project involving the branding of Humble Pen, encompassing its logo, stationery, and packaging. The main challenge was to ensure both standardization and a user-friendly design for the pen. It needed to offer a comfortable and sturdy grip while incorporating a refill mechanism that promotes sustainable usage, embodying the essence of Humble Pen's commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Hand-crafted meticulously by bamboo working communities

Rhizome took an innovative approach in designing this bamboo pen, utilizing technologies that not only created a remarkable product but also contributed to the well-being of bamboo producers by maximizing their livelihoods. Every component of the pen was skillfully hand-crafted by bamboo working communities, promoting a sense of empowerment and collaboration.

At Rhizome, our commitment to holistic sustainability is unwavering. We go beyond ecological considerations and embrace social, economic, and cultural sustainability in all our projects. Recognizing the interconnection of everything, we understand that every decision and action counts, leading us to create meaningful and impactful designs that contribute to a better world.

Branding and Packaging design

The branding and packaging design for the Humble Pen was a comprehensive process, encompassing concept development, copywriting, and graphic design. Our aim was to reflect Humble's ideology - reignite the love for writing - in every product and graphic we created. As part of the concept design, we included a to-do list on the packaging, intending to rekindle the love for writing and embrace a slower way of life, savouring every moment spent writing. This list served as an invitation for users to rediscover the joy of writing and cherish the art of putting pen to paper.

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