Imprint Paper Products

This project aimed to empower young girls from an Ahmedabad slum by creating innovative paper products. Through a collaborative design process and very basic skill training, the girls became co-creators, making production enjoyable and promoting learning.

Earn and Learn

When Manav Sadhna came to us with a brief to create products that could be produced by minor girls, we were very mindful of the ethics of the context. If left unemployed by the NGO, these girls would be forced to work in situations which made them extremely vulnerable. We were therefore determined to ensure that this project provided girls with employment, but did so in a manner which did not transgress into the zone of child labour. We therefore introduced an income stream which was based on the girls earning while learning. We designed products with flexible designs to accommodate production variations. Recognizing their skill levels, we ensured they could create without strict production standards, fostering a positive learning experience. The girls co-developed products that were fun to produce and facilitated learning.

Rhizome worked on the ‘imprint’ concept where each collection was produced through two basic skills: hand printing, and basic cutting. Carefully curated to be both enjoyable and educational, the collections became great learning experiences.

A Fun Learning Experience

Before each production activity, the girls were treated to a visually engaging PPT presentation, exploring captivating themes like love, sharing, and the diverse animals of India. These interactive exercises not only sparked creativity but also instilled a sense of curiosity, enabling the group to learn about new and fascinating topics with every production session. The result was not just beautiful creations but also a continuously evolving journey of discovery and growth.

Tiny hands make tiny prints

The girls made various collections that revolved around the themes of love and animals. The product range included cards, bags, bookmarks, wrapping paper, and folders. Through the application of hand printing and basic cutting techniques, they brought to life exquisite depictions of elephants and hearts, adding a personal touch to every creation.

To Kids, By Kids

One of the key product directions for this project was children’s parties and cards—‘To kids, by kids’. Two collections were designed and developed in this category— Jungle and Ocean. The product range included cards, gift tags, return gift bags, wrapping paper, and party decorations. Among them, a vibrant crab-imprinted birthday invitation card added a touch of aquatic wonder and fun while subtly educating kids about marine life.

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