Sustainable Lighting

Rebecca Reubens has developed several sustainable lighting for Vietnamese enterprises through a UNIDO- SPIN project. The projects involved working with several sustainable materials including rattan and bamboo.

Expanding our material palette

Rhizome works with all kinds of materials at the intersection of craft, design, and sustainability. From the elegance of bamboo and the allure of brass to the charm of repurposed wood, the earthiness of terracotta, the tactility of recycled ropes, and the natural beauty of garden rattan, our creative palette knows no bounds.

We are continuously inspired by the vast possibilities these materials offer, enabling us to craft meaningful and eco-conscious designs that harmonize with nature's timeless beauty. With every project, we embrace the spirit of exploration, continuously pushing the boundaries and seeking to upskill ourselves in diverse facets of sustainability.

Sustainable Bird Cage lighting

This collection was developed for Duc Phong, a bamboo enterprise in Vietnam. Drawing inspiration from the existing skill and cultural capital of traditional Vietnamese bird cages, we embarked on a journey of reimagining their essence into lighting fixtures. By skewing the horizontal bamboo rings that anchor the smaller bamboo sticks, we achieved a strong and contemporary form.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we utilised the minimally treated bamboo on which the colours used were water-based and non-toxic. The part of the bamboo discarded by the SME during its normal production was used as an input for this collection.

Rhizome's explorations with Garden Rattan

This collection was developed for Viet Quang, a bamboo and rattan SME in Vietnam. It features 'lace doilies' made from an indigenous Vietnamese rattan species called ‘garden rattan’. The rattan gets its name from the fact that it is cultivated in homestead gardens and harvesting this rattan does not endanger the forests. It can be sustainably grown, managed, and harvested. Since garden rattan grows in North Vietnam, it is physically closer to the SME, making transport cost-effective and ecological as well.

Sustainable Rattan Lace lighting

This collection showcases the rattan's natural beauty without any bleaching or diesel treatment. Embracing the inherent flexibility of garden rattan, our designs incorporate the SME's craftsmanship to create intricate 'lace doily' based lighting units that blend Eastern and Western cultural influences. The design is constructed from different elements and does not require exactly standardized components, thus catering to the limitations of handcrafted production. The products have been designed to facilitate outsourcing production of the components to nearby homes, where women can be engaged in producing the ‘doilies’, which can then be assembled at a central location.

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