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In the House of Bamboo


Ahmedabad is not a typical bamboo city, but there is Rebecca Reubens of Rhizome. She works at the intersection of design, craft and sustainability and her core area of expertise is bamboo.

We were lucky to meet her at the Rhizome studio. Only a small door sign told us that we were at the right place. But it became obvious once we entered her studio-workshop: walls covered in bamboo, craftsmen working on bamboo hangers and the complete interior design consists of bamboo furniture.
It was very interesting to get an idea of her design thinking and to see the products that evolve from it.

We designed a terracotta dessert table and pot installation for the terracotta themed restaurant at the resort. Because of the scale of the table, it was impossible to throw it on a potter's wheel. Instead, the design was created in two large hemispheres which were hand formed in terracotta and joined using a mechanical detail. The table top was crafted in wood and included an induction heating system. As a backdrop to the piece-de-resistance, the table, we designed an installation of cuboidal units which housed differently shaped terracotta pots which together formed an interesting and harmonious assemblage. We also worked on the design of a contemporary thaali for the restaurant, which included a complete set of plates, quarter plates, glasses, and bowls.