Sustainable interiors for our multidisciplinary design studio, Rhizome

Sustainable interiors were designed for our Ahmedabad-based design studio, which offers bespoke design services and a wide product range that includes furniture, lighting, parametric installations, and lifestyle products such as hangers and mannequins. The interiors of our multidisciplinary design studio were designed in collaboration with ERA.

Understanding Rhizome's ideology

Rhizome, an Ahmedabad-based multidisciplinary design studio, works at the intersection of craft, design, and sustainability, offering products and systems that prioritize people and the planet.

To mirror this ethos in our space, we aspired to create an immersive experience where visitors can grasp the essence of who we are and our unwavering commitment to our values from the moment they step inside. Our ideology echoes through every facet of our studio, from the lush greenery outside to the bamboo-front entrance and the carefully curated products within. Each element harmoniously reflects our values and commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable bespoke furniture pieces

Every furniture system and its accentuating accessories are thoughtfully conceptualized and handcrafted from bamboo. From the elegant bamboo reception desk to the comfortable bamboo chairs and functional bamboo rack every piece is thoughtfully handcrafted with attention to detail. Even the tiniest accents, such as bamboo pen stands and bamboo planters embody the essence of our passion for sustainable design. At every turn, our commitment to the beauty and versatility of bamboo shines through, creating an enchanting and sustainable environment within our space.

Sustainable lighting solutions

We custom-designed lighting and quirky furniture pieces for the space. We placed them against neutral flooring in order to highlight the products. The bamboo light installation on the ceiling and several bamboo lamps artfully placed in the nooks and corners of the space created the perfect ambiance required in a retail space.

Vibrant interiors

Stepping into our space, one will be greeted by vibrant walls that serve as a lively canvas reflecting the essence of our design studio's unique style and creative workmanship. Each hue bursts with inspiration, mirroring the boundless creativity and passion that flows within these walls.

A studio that works at the heart of holistic sustainability

The studio thoughtfully showcases furniture, lifestyle, and fashion accessories, skillfully highlighting these products while staying true to its ideology. To foster an explorative and modular environment, the space was designed to adapt seamlessly with the studio's evolving visions, ensuring a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for visitors and the people working there.

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