Spa Accessories Inspired by Traditional Fish-Traps

The Development Commissioner of Handicrafts commissioned Rhizome to design spa and wellness products in bamboo. This new product line would be produced by the Charilam cluster in Tripura. The fish trap-making skills of the trainees were taken as a starting point for this collection.

Sustainable Spa Accessories

The brief was to create sustainable spa and wellness products that harnessed the infrastructure's existing skills while ensuring commercial viability. Given the limited timeframe of the workshop, we decided to build upon the already existing skills of the trainees. We, therefore, decided to use trainees' fish trap-making skills as our foundation, crafting a collection around their existing expertise.

We were very conscious of the fact that each material and process we added needed to be accessible to the trainees over the long run, especially since Charilam is a remote cluster. Therefore, instead of outsourcing specialised glass components which were essential to our spa brief, we opted for ubiquitous and easily available chai (tea) glasses. This choice enables a low-footprint approach, ensuring a seamless and sustainable manufacturing process.

The resulting products were designed to embody 3 key aspects: commercial viability, seamless production utilising the current skill level and infrastructure, and adhering to a low-footprint approach. We only used local materials that had already existing supply chains in Charilam, we leveraged traditional fish-trap making skills, and we designed products which could be flat-packed and were easy to transport wherever possible.

This approach resulted in a collection that not only appeals to the market's demands but also empowers the local artisans to produce these items effortlessly, fostering sustainability within the cluster.

Sustainable Hotel and Spa Accessories

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