Bird Cage lighting

This collection was developed for Duc Phong, a bamboo enterprise in Vietnam. The project was carried out under the umbrella of two institutions - SPIN and

The existing skill and cultural capital of traditional Vietnamese bird-cages was the starting point. The cages were reinterpreted into lighting by simply diagonally skewing the horizontal bamboo rings used to anchor the smaller bamboo sticks, resulting in a strong, contemporary form.

 The bamboo used for the lighting was minimally treated, and colours used were water based and non-toxic. The part of the bamboo discarded by the SME during its normal production was used as an input for this collection.

We designed a terracotta dessert table and pot installation for the terracotta themed restaurant at the resort. Because of the scale of the table, it was impossible to throw it on a potter's wheel. Instead, the design was created in two large hemispheres which were hand formed in terracotta and joined using a mechanical detail. The table top was crafted in wood and included an induction heating system. As a backdrop to the piece-de-resistance, the table, we designed an installation of cuboidal units which housed differently shaped terracotta pots which together formed an interesting and harmonious assemblage. We also worked on the design of a contemporary thaali for the restaurant, which included a complete set of plates, quarter plates, glasses, and bowls.