Terracotta Tile Mural

Rhizome created a terracotta-tile installation for the Woods at Sasan Resort. The installation was designed for the resort’s swimming pool area. The idea was to depict the flora and fauna of Sasan Gir through a series of meticulously thought out, handcrafted tiles. Each tile represented a key element from Sasan Gir, from the Gir lion to local mangoes. The aim was to evoke a curiosity and connection with the local habitat.

Rhizome collaborated with the resort to take the connection with nature even further by integrating technology into the design. The small dots on the terracotta tiles serve not only as an aesthetic element but also when scanned with a mobile device, take the user to an online link which provides detailed information about the specific object depicted on the tile—whether it's an animal, tree, or bird. This innovative approach enhances the bond between people and the natural world, where technology is not a hindrance but a facilitating platform.