Terracotta and Brass Calder Installation

Rhizome custom-developed this installation for the Woods at Sasan Resort by the 1000 Islands group. The brief for this installation was to create a conversation starter for the double-height space, which spoke to a contemporary sensibility and yet stayed true to the handcrafted ethos of the project. We decided to create a kinetic lighting installation inspired by Calder's mobiles for the space. Our twist was to do this using sustainable materials and crafts. The final design for the installation comprised hand-formed and perforated terracotta pots, which were pushed to another level because of the modernist brass structure from which they were suspended. Each layer of the installation was carefully worked out to ensure it was balanced and did not intersect the layer above and below it when in motion. This project is close to our hearts because it pushed us to explore a non-mainstream material in a design that called for weight tolerances that were very tight.

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