Woods at Sasan

Rhizome was entrusted with creating interior elements for the 1000 Islands resort which is the flagship venture of Woods at Sasan. With bamboo, brass, and terracotta as our canvas, we collaborated closely with the 1000 Island team to bring their vision to life. This resulted in a harmonious fusion of nature and luxury, inspiring awe in every corner.

Sustainable ecosystem of hospitality

The 1000 Island Hotels and Resort aims to zero in on and to celebrate the true essence of the local. The group aims to foster a meaningful connection between architecture, the environment and the community by incorporating local culture and materials into every part of their offering, including design. In line with this ideology, Rhizome custom-made several bespoke furniture pieces and installations for this project which included a terracotta table for the terracotta-themed restaurant, brass, bamboo, and terracotta mobile installations for the spa, reception, and retail areas. We also added customised pieces, like the sunburst accent mirror above the vanity, infusing the space with elegance. Additionally, we designed and crafted table-top décor and utilities to enhance the ambience and experience of the rooms.

Terracotta and Brass Kinetic Lighting Installation

The brief for this installation was to create a conversation starter for the double height space, which spoke to a contemporary sensibility and yet stayed true to the handcrafted ethos of the project. We decided to create a kinetic lighting installation inspired by Calder's mobiles for the space. The installation comprised hand formed and perforated terracotta pots, which were pushed to another level because of the modernist brass structure from which they were suspended. Each layer of the installation was carefully worked out to ensure it was balanced, and did not intersect the layer above and below it when in motion.This project is close to our hearts because it pushed us to explore a non-mainstream material in a design which called for weight tolerances which were very tight.

Bamboo and Brass Lighting Installation

Rhizome custom-developed this bamboo and brass chandelier for the spa at the 1000 Islands resort. The installation was inspired by bamboo clumps, and and therefore harnessed the natural form of bamboo poles. Our team crafted a visually stunning fixture that used material efficiently, therefore minimising material waste. The top part of the installation was crafted with brass pipes, which concealed the wiring, and complemented and added another dimension to the bamboo components.

Terracotta Dessert Table

We designed a terracotta dessert table and pot installation for the terracotta themed restaurant at the resort. Because of the scale of the table, it was impossible to throw it on a potter's wheel. Instead, the design was created in two large hemispheres which were hand formed in terracotta and joined using a mechanical detail. The table top was crafted in wood and included an induction heating system. As a backdrop to the piece-de-resistance, the table, we designed an installation of cuboidal units which housed differently shaped terracotta pots which together formed an interesting and harmonious assemblage. We also worked on the design of a contemporary thaali for the restaurant, which included a complete set of plates, quarter plates, glasses, and bowls.

Custom-developed Terracotta-tile Mural

Rhizome created a terracotta-tile installation for the Woods at Sasan's swimming pool area. The idea was to depict the flora and fauna of Sasan Gir through a series of meticulously thought out, handcrafted tiles. Each tile represented a key element from Sasan Gir, from the Gir lion to local mangoes. The aime was to evoke a curiosity and connection with the local habitat.

Rhizome collaborated with the resort to take the connection with nature even further by integrating technology into the design. The small dots on the terracotta tiles serve not only as an aesthetic element but also when scanned with a mobile device, take the user to an online link which provides detailed information about the specific object depicted on the tile—whether it's an animal, tree, or bird. This innovative approach enhances the bond between people and the natural world, where technology is not a hindrance but a facilitating platform.

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