Woods at Sasan – Rhizome

Woods at Sasan

We were commissioned to design sustainable interior elements in bamboo, brass and terracotta for the 1000 islands resort in consultation with the 1000 Island team. The elements included brass, bamboo and terracotta mobile installations for the spa, reception and retail areas, and table-top décor elements for the rooms. The above image also features our stunning sunburst accent mirror above the vanity, adding warmth in the space.

Custom-developed terracotta and brass installation inspired by Calder's mobiles 
 Custom-developed bamboo and brass lighting fixture

Custom-developed bamboo and brass lighting fixture

Custom-developed terracotta-tile mural based on Gir flora, fauna and cultureDetail of bird-themed tiles developed for mural

Custom-developed terracotta pots In hospitality, creating mood, ambience and experience are of foremost importance. Our lighting and art installations at this beautiful boutique resort, immersed in nature, not only expresses luxury, but also adds that oomph factor, while respecting the context.