Furniture and interior design for an eco-resort, the Rann Riders

Rann Riders is a premier eco-resort, set among wetlands at the edge of the Little Rann of Kutch. Rhizome designed the contemporary interiors and bespoke furniture pieces for their rooms in accordance with ecologically, economically, culturally and social sustainability norms. The interiors were designed in collaboration with ERA.

Redefining Rural Luxury

This eco-resort offers exemplary hospitality services and redefines rural luxury for its visitors. Moreover, it also empowers native communities by revitalizing their traditional trades and skills, creating a sustainable and enriching experience for all. Visitors find themselves captivated by the vibrant culture, passion, and dedication that is infused in every handmade creation crafted by the native artisans. From candle stands and soap dishes to side tables and beds, each product has a story to tell.

Contemporary bespoke furniture pieces

From the onset of this project, our vision was clear – repurpose everything possible in the rooms and add tasteful, artisanal and sustainable pieces. As we included carefully curated minimalist furniture, we transformed the traditional bhunga (huts) into contemporary safari-luxury. We designed the 'Slice' chair and 'Tagara' table for a lounge corner in the room. The rich woven seat of the 'Slice' chair provides comfort, complementing the tropical vibe, while the brass plate of the 'Tagara' table adds a touch of sophisticated luxury. The result is a seamless blend of heritage and modernity.

Local materials infusing Earthy essence

Local materials like bamboo, teak wood, and terracotta were used to add an earthy essence to the rooms while embracing sustainability and craftsmanship. The chic and rustic study table has a bamboo structure and an upcycled teak wood top that is meticulously crafted using waste pieces of teak wood. The custom-designed perforated terracotta lamp creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Embracing our unwavering commitment to holistic sustainability, every furniture piece and accessory in the room is meticulously handcrafted from bamboo. From the cozy beds to the elegant pedestal fan resting on bamboo tripod legs, the custom-made tables, curtain rods, and even the smallest details like a circular mirror, all feature exquisite bamboo design and craftsmanship.

Warm ambience for an eco-resort

We created an installation using traditional lanterns suspended on a bamboo pole, to celebrate the local and the beauty in the ordinary. The result? A warm and inviting ambience that makes the stay truly enchanting for the visitors at the Rann Riders.

Sustainability breathes in Rann Riders

At the heart of Rann Riders lies a profound commitment to sustainability that reverberates through every aspect of its existence. From the very spaces that encompass this haven to the vibrant populace who call it home, the essence of eco-conscious living thrives in harmony. Thus, Rhizome incorporated sustainable practices ensuring minimal environmental impact without compromising on comfort or luxury. Upcycled and locally sourced materials have been thoughtfully integrated throughout the spaces, while traditional construction techniques pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of the region. We also focused on empowering local communities while supporting their sustainable practices and supporting their traditional trades.

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