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Sustainable Furniture and Interior Design

Rann Riders is a premier eco-resort, set among wetlands at the edge of the Little Rann of Kutch. Each element of the rooms was designed in accordance with ecologically, economically, culturally and social sustainability norms. We have designed interior in collaboration with ERA.
Interesting details were created using local materials. To add contemporary appeal to the earthy and spartan décor, lanterns are hung on bamboo linear member.

We started planning, keeping in mind to repurpose everything possible in the rooms. However, with addition of our furniture in the space, a contemporary twist was given to bhunga (huts) inspired cottage spaces.

We designed the 'Slice' chair and 'Tagara' table for the corner. Slice chair with rich woven seat provides comfort and adds to the tropical vibe in space. It is perfectly paired with the tagara table with brass plate.

In fact, all furniture and accessories in the room are made out of bamboo – the beds, a pedestal fan that sits on bamboo tripod legs, custom made tables, curtain rods and even accessories like a circular mirror is framed in small bamboo.

The chic and rustic eye study table is made with bamboo leg frame and wooden board. We have re-cycled the waste pieces of teak wood connected with dovetail joints, to make a perfect table top.

The resort is not just for the visitors, who get an exemplar service in spaces that redefine rural luxury, but also for the natives whose skill and traditional trade were given a new lease of life through the project. Sustainability breathes in Rann Riders, both through the spaces and the populace encompassed in it.